Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a new and rapidly growing communications medium that offers a wide range of exciting ways to engage with customers, enhance brand awareness, increase sales and margin uplift and much more.

2. Why choose our Digital Signage

  • Save the annual investment
  • Manage and update content remotely
  • Multiple Media Content
  • The flexible way to display content
  • Multi-Interactive and (Real-time): Both Manager and Audience side.

3. Future Vision of our Digital Signage

We develop our system base on two main approaches. 

  • Conventional Digital Signage:

  • Trend of Digital Signage: Contextual Display,  Big Data

4. Our Architecture

We focused on optimization of interactive, real-time and integration. There are four main interactives:
  • Direct Manually Control: the Manager or Audience can touch to the system and change content through the peripheral device such as touch screen, keyboard, infrared remote control,...[7]
  • Direct Automatically Control: the Modules make decision base on sensors, AI, Big Data. These ones communicate to the display device and adjust the content [9].
  • Remote Interactive inside of system: The manager control or monitor the content by using clients (computer, mobile) through a server [3, 4, 2].
  • Remote Interactive with outside system: by using the standard protocol, receive data or control from third party system [5, 2].