Media Asset Management


SDAM the full power of an enterprise digital asset management solution, a product that supports flexible functionality and unlimited extenable:

  • Lightning Speed Searching
  • Modern UI
  • Support AI
    • Facial Recognition AI
    • Image Similarity AI
    • Video Speech Searching
    • Automatic Media Tagging
  • Video Clipping
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • APIs/Integrations
  • Asset Sharing & Distribution
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Complex Management and Integrated CMS
  • ...
Speech to Text: Automatically extract the metadata for video or audio by capture text from voice.

Face Recognition: Identify the person from image or video by applying the face recognition solution

Visual Similarity: Sometimes people would like to search their media repository by using an image. We found all the image or video which has similar content to that image by using AI.

Auto-Tagging: SMAM can automatically apply relevant metadata at the time of input. It identifies foreground and background features of an image, then turns that into textual metadata that is appended to the file.
The power of SMAM was hidden by a modern UI and UX. Base on the module design, we can flexibly create many different distribute of the system to satisfy the requirements.